We reduced late payments by 75%, using PayIt's alerts by voicetextemail.

PayIt's Pay by Phone, Text, or Web Features

When we say, "PayIt is the all-in-one, everything you need, swiss army knife solution to alert that payments are due, and accept payments by phone, text, or web," we're not just dreaming up juicy marketing slogans. IVR Technology Group has been developing and deploying advanced voice technology solutions to Fortune 100 companies for more than two decades. PayIt is our latest services bundle, built from a close partnership with companies of all sizes and shapes.

PCI Level 1 Certified

Ensure your PCI compliance by removing manual human interactions.

24x7x365 Automation

Automated payment solution collects payments while you're sleeping.


English, Spanish and any other world language can be supported.

Realtime Integration

Live integration for account validation, balance look-ups, posting payments.

Your Voice Talent

Keep brand continuity intact by using your own voice talent for IVR prompts.

Bring Your Own Gateway

PayIt works perfectly with any payment processor, gateway or merchant account.

Credit Debit Check Cash

PayIt accepts all major credit and debit cards, e-checks via ACH, and even cash.

NACHA Compliant

PayIt is compliant with the National Automated Clearing House Association.

Speech Recognition

Automated speech recognition supports real-time alphanumeric input and prompts.

Saved Payment Info

Reduce call time with live integration to pull up saved payment information.

Stored Payments

Users can set up stored payment information for recurring payments, using PayIt.

Multiple Payments

Offer your users the ability to make a payment on multiple accounts, with one call.

Convenience Fees

Set up flat fees, percentage fees, or a hybrid model depending on your needs.

Custom Call Flows

Complex call flows, specific to your needs are easy to set up and maintain.

Split Fees

PayIt can split the convenience fees from the payment, for deposit in another account.

Collect Opt-Ins

PayIt can collect user recurring payment opt-ins for your own payment program schedule.

Text Receipts

Users can select to receive payment receipts by text message, once payment is complete.

Transfer Out

PayIt can transfer the call to an agent at any time, upon user request or transaction problems.

PayIt is Designed For a Wide Range Of Industries

Healthcare & Patient Services

Give your patients the flexibility and convenience of paying by phone, text, or web. Our patient services, clinics, and hospital partners have been able to reduce accounts receivables by integrating PayIt's automated payment alerts that redirect patients directly to their payment option of choice.

Charities & Non-Profits

It's no secret that development and donor outreach is getting more difficult as your core donors age and Millennials are harder to reach. PayIt offers your aging donors the easy and secure phone payment option they desire, while offering Millennials a preferred pay by text option.

Public Utilities

Offer your gas, electric or water customers the flexibility and convenience of paying by phone, text, or web. Simply provide a phone number on monthly statements for fast confirmation of account information and seamless payment options.

Real Estate & Property Management

PayIt works with major property management and rental payment platforms so you can alert residents when late payments might occur. Or, simply integrate PayIt with your in-house accounting system and say goodbye to paper checks.

Government & Municipalities

Streamline the payments of fines, tickets, fees, vehicle registrations, parking and even taxes with PayIt's user-friendly payment options. We helped New York State reduce the cost of processing traffic tickets by more than 50% with PayIt's pay by phone, text or web.

Storage Facilities

Your storage customers are often on the go and not receiving regular US mail. Integrating PayIt into your billing process helps to ensure your renters receive payment reminders no matter where they are, and easily take payments any time from anywhere.

Home Owners Associations & Time-Shares

Offer your residents and owners the flexibility and convenience of paying their dues and fees by phone, text, or web. Like time-share residences, more and more home owner associations and co-ops are in seasonal-use regions, with owners who are occupying the home part of the year. PayIt makes it easy to communicate when payments are due, and immediately process that payment.